You’re Invited to the TikTok #SmallBizBlockParty!

October 12, 2021
< 1 minute

Is your business on TikTok yet? If not, it’s time to think about getting started.

Since its dance trend beginnings, TikTok has evolved into a uniquely powerful new growth channel for small businesses — a platform that enables you to tell your story, connect with audiences, and drive results in a new, dynamic way.

We’ve teamed up with TikTok For Business to share access to a FREE virtual workshops as part of the TikTok #SmallBizBlockParty national tour. You’re invited! 

Through each workshop, you’ll learn how to tap into TikTok’s massive popularity and create scroll-stopping content to grow your business.

Each hour-long virtual event will teach you:

  • What makes TikTok different and uniquely powerful for small businesses
  • How you can create content your audience will love, even without big budgets or teams
  • Why you should get started on TikTok today!

You’ll hear this from some of our top small business leaders across the company, plus some small business owners who have seen for themselves the difference TikTok can make.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! RSVP for one of the regional or national events below: