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Financially fit companies provide the best conditions for small business success. Take control of the financial fitness of our Business Health Score™ assessment.

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Our Business Health Score™ assessment is a tool that is part of our SaaS platform which provides a digital assessment that controls the recommendations help you improve your business. Rooted in risk models from thousands of financial institutions, our Business Health Score™ assessment analyzes the fundamentals of your business, upon which everything else can grow. Increase your speed to succeed by following your personalized improvement program.

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  • Financial habits
  • Management best practices
  • Revenue growth
  • Business debts
  • Business and personal credit

Reflect on where you’ve been. See how far you can go.

Healthy businesses have more opportunities

Grow your business by leaps and bounds—take ownership of your financial fitness today. Improving the overall health of your business is critical for long-term success.

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