Our 5 Favorite Moments at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017

September 23, 2017
2 min read

If you’ve ever attended a technology conference, you know that the gender scales tip heavily into the cis male category. TechCrunch Disrupt SF didn’t break that trend, as evidenced by the bathroom lines. We’re all for short restroom lines, but this disparity is too striking to celebrate.

Bathrooms aside, there were quite a few shining moments for female founders and women tech stars throughout the three days in San Francisco. Let’s take a look at some of Team Alice’s favorite moments from Disrupt:

  1. Have you ever wanted to walk around handing out billion-dollar bills? Team Alice did, too, and so we did. Check out #HelloAlice on Twitter and Instagram for some amazing billion-dollar ideas from female founders at Disrupt.
  2. Alice Ambassador Anita Darden Gardyne took home the Startup Battlefield runner-up honors, and we couldn’t be more proud of this amazing woman. Read more about her corporate concierge service, Onēva, in TechCrunch.
  3. Who knew breastfeeding and technology went together like peanut butter and jelly? Circular Board accelerator alums and Medolac founders Adrianne Weir and Elena Medo took to the stage to talk about what it’s like to be a mother-daughter startup team and to innovate the donor breastmilk market. Breastfeeding design company Mamava also had a station set up in Startup Alley, and though it wasn’t operational Disrupt, the application for shopping malls, offices, etc. is a genius idea.
  4. Pymetrics, founded by Julie Yoo and Frida Polli, is using AI to omit intrinsic biases in hiring practices. Even cooler? Anyone can take the Pymetrics test to get scored on their hireable traits and find out which jobs are best suited for you.
  5. Our own Carolyn Rodz took to the Women of Disrupt stage to talk about creating Alice so that other women entrepreneurs don’t have to waste time and money trying to figure out the right business practices, events, and networks for their company. She also broke the news that Alice closed its first equity financing round with investors like, Signia Venture Partners, Jean Case, Sherpa Ventures, Shatter Fund, Ann Lovell, Cathie Reid and Jacki Zehner.

With so much happening at Pier 48, we know we missed out on other amazing talks and announcements from female founders. Tweet us at @HelloAlice with links, pics, quotes, or anything else that you want to help spotlight, and we’ll help get the word out.