Partner With Hello Alice

Together with our partners, our goal is to create successful companies and more jobs, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth. With hundreds of partners including enterprise customers, non profit networks and governments, Hello Alice amplifies opportunities and lowers barriers for small business owners. If your organization believes in joining our audacious mission, let’s connect.

Lisa Labute, The Goods
Lisa Labute The Goods
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Enterprise Customers

Hello Alice helps enterprise customers engage with small business owners for their services and offerings. Together with our customers, our goal is to build an equitable business ecosystem that creates successful companies by utilizing the right software and services during the growth of their business. We work with hundreds of partners like Google, Verizon, Mastercard, PepsiCo, DoorDash, eBay, and Silicon Valley Bank. If your enterprise needs to attract small business owners, join us on this journey.

Business Networks and Nonprofit Partners

Through collaboration and technology, multiply your reach beyond what any one organization can accomplish. Hello Alice is the largest recruiter for thousands of chambers of commerce and small business networks, measures organizational impact, and supports entrepreneur audiences at scale. Request our partner toolkit to learn more about what we can do together.

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Grants Administration

With access to one of the largest small business audiences and proven grant administration experience, government agencies, nonprofits and enterprise corporations have deployed millions of dollars of grant funding to small business owners through Hello Alice. Quick launch schedules, measurable outcomes, and impact-focused algorithms are supported by the diversity and inclusion advice of our grants council and partners at the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Share Your Content

Our interactive how-to guides amplify and distribute your programs, products, and services to an engaged audience. With our platform, we can help you build unique and authentic relationships with individual business owners at scale. This includes packaging SMB content for the highest engagement across all mediums.

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Events & Community Platforms

You have the experts, we have the audience. Hello Alice helps our partners set up and manage virtual communities, programs, and events and connect with the audience they’re trying to reach.

Data Impact Series

Hello Alice utilizes aggregate data to advocate on behalf of diverse small business owners. We build public impact reports with our partners to ensure policymakers, thought leaders and enterprise companies know the challenges and opportunities of small business owners. We partner with experts, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs to ensure a unified small business voice.

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Foster Diversity & Inclusion

Hello Alice has become the largest community of underrepresented business owners in the country, a group we like to call the New Majority. Financial and education support from our partners will go a long way toward building a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem and ensuring business for all. We are here to help ensure government and enterprise are offering the most inclusive services through our data-driven approach.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

It’s time to discover what you need to grow your business. Hello Alice is here to guide you with funding, expert advice, and a supportive community at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

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