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A Roadmap to Redesign the Capital Continuum for Women Tech Founders

February 9, 2023
2 min read

Women tech founders and technologies designed for women are significantly underrepresented in the startup ecosystem. But why? What can we do to ensure these founders and their innovative ideas are not left behind?

To answer these questions, Hello Alice, with funding from Tiger Global Impact Ventures, surveyed nearly 20,000 women tech founders and conducted 19 in-depth interviews with founders and field experts. The results confirmed access to funding as the largest barrier to growing women-founded tech startups.

Our research team then sought to build on this understanding and elevate high-potential, high-impact solutions. The result is a report containing our comprehensive roadmap for closing gaps along the capital continuum.

Our proposed solutions address the challenges experienced by women tech founders when accessing grants, credit, and equity, respectively. Broken into three pillars, each topic is supported by a series of possible action items. The action items included in this report are by no means exhaustive but include those that the Hello Alice team, in conversation with experts, assigned the highest impact potential. This problem will not be solved by any one person, group, or initiative. Instead, it requires diverse solutions created by diverse stakeholders.

We invite you to dive into our recommendations by downloading and reading the full research report. Should you want to review our survey data in more depth, you can find more detail contained in the report’s appendix.

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About Hello Alice

A Latina-owned company founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, Hello Alice is a free, multichannel platform that helps businesses grow. We believe in business for all by providing access to all owners, including women, people of color, military-connected individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and every American with an entrepreneurial spirit.

About Tiger Global Impact Ventures

Tiger Global Impact Ventures (TGIV) is a dedicated philanthropic foundation established by Tiger Global, a leading investment firm focused on investing in internet-enabled businesses across both the public and private sectors. TGIV aims to find and fund innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges by combining the best of humanity with the best of technology.

As one component of a broader philanthropy program, TGIV is currently deploying Tiger Global’s Gender Equity in Tech Fund (T-GET), a $50 million commitment to support organizations changing the technology ecosystem by increasing access, inclusion, representation, and parity for women, girls, and other non-male individuals. Hello Alice is a grantee of TGIV and a member of T-GET.

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