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12 Stellar Women-Owned Small Businesses for Self-Care

March 16, 2022
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Women-owned small businesses are big news. Don’t believe us? We have the data to back it up.

Stats on Women-Owned Small Businesses

According to American Express’ 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, between 2014 and 2019 women-owned businesses saw a 21% increase in overall growth in the United States. Meanwhile, Black women-owned businesses had the highest rate of growth among all demographics, even outside of gender lines, between both 2014 and 2019 and between 2018 and 2019.

What does this all mean for you? That you should hop on board and support women-owned small businesses year-round.

Women-Owned Small Businesses for Self-Care

Start celebrating women-owned small business owners this season by checking out the following businesses that either create products for women, give back to women, or both! From home goods to beauty and jewelry we’ve got all your favorite self-care categories covered.

1. Taudrey X House of Lilac Collab

What’s better than personalized jewelry pieces delivered to your door? Custom jewelry paired with dried floral arrangements, of course. Taudrey has partnered with House of Lilac for a celebration collaboration. Taudrey’s handcrafted bracelets designed by Tiffany Dominguez, come together with House of Lilac dried flower bouquets to make the perfect gift bundle.

2. Nailstry

Using designers from across the globe, Nailstry lets you choose the art perfect for your style and then sizes your nails via their virtual measurement tool. Non-toxic and reusable, your nails will last from two days to over two weeks depending on the adhesive you choose. Save on salon visits and give Nailstry a try.

3. Bak It Box

If you’ve ever had the desire to concoct delicious confections but lacked the know-how, BāKIT Box was designed for you. Select your skill level, choose from a monthly rotating selection of baking kits, receive your BāKIT Box, and get to work. With options like Vegan Charoset Truffles, Jalebi, Stout Cupcakes, and more, you’re going to be glad you took up this new hobby.

4. ZenLux Co

What is the meaning of ZenLux? They’ll tell you: “a peaceful state of being immersed in lux mindfulness for self and skin.” ZenLux Co’s mission is to show everyone how Selfcare, Skincare, and Self Love all go together. With every purchase, they donate a portion to a non-profit advocating for young women’s rights called Rights4girls. Spread the love while loving your skin.

5. Diamond’s Body Care

After his cancer diagnosis, Diamond Brown’s husband Darrell began experiencing dryness, tightness, and inflammation following his treatments. When Diamond couldn’t find anything to soothe the irritation, she took it upon herself to develop skincare supplies to soothe, moisturize, and hydrate. Following her husband’s passing, Diamond took her products to the public, bringing soothing skincare to sensitive skin.

6. Whipped Lash NYC

When mascara just isn’t enough, you may have considered fake eyelashes. But the idea of toxic adhesive and complicated application adds up to more than you’re willing to handle. Enter Whipped Lash NYC to whip your lashes into a frenzy. Apply a thick coat of their magnetic eyeliner above your lash line and match up a strip of their faux lashes for long-lasting looks.

7. Alaya Tea

Alaya Tea aims to elevate the culture of tea making, sourcing fresh tea leaves from organic, biodynamic farms with kindly-treated workers. A zero-waste company, Alaya Tea uses fully compostable and plastic-free packaging with a bio-based zipper closure, compostable labels, compostable ink, and water-based adhesive; it even arrives in a biodegradable shipping mailer. You’ll sip with ease knowing you’re helping to save the planet.

8. Postal Petals

Providing direct access to farm fresh, high-quality flowers, Postal Petals brings the “mood-enhancing beauty of bold blooms” to those interested in arranging flowers or simply gazing at them. There’s something calming about surrounding yourself with beautiful reminders of nature. City folk, take note.

9. Ornami Skincare

Ornami’s all-natural skincare line believes happiness is a process of elimination. Take out the toxic ingredients, drop the unnecessary additives, and keep what treats you well—that’s the ideology behind Ornamai Skincare. Boasting 100% natural and necessary ingredients because they care about 100% of you, Ornami has all of your bases covered when it comes to clean beauty.

10. Jane Win Jewelry

After working in fashion design and marketing for 20 years, Jane Winchester Paradis left corporate America to design “beautiful jewelry with meaning.” Jane started with ten words (Balance, Forever, Free, Hope, Joy, Love, Lucky, Peace, Protect, Strong) and created jewelry inspired by each, empowering women who wear them. Find your word and wear it proudly.

11. Artifacts NYC

If you’re looking for consciously designed and locally made jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Artifacts NYC. Bringing together sustainable design and craftsmanship, Artifacts balks at convention and strives to showcase designer Casey Perez’s sculpture-like statement pieces. Take a look at what she’s created recently and find your latest accessory.

12. Harlem Chocolate Factory

An artisan chocolate company based in Harlem, Harlem Chocolate Factory aims to highlight the cultural importance of Harlem through its offerings. Many of its chocolates take their names from  iconic Harlem destinations and historical sites, such as Stivers’ Row and the Pan-Pan diner. A great gift or treat for yourself, try a little taste of Harlem.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these small batch self-care small businesses and consider patroning one (or all!). Be sure to also check out this round-up of inspiring female entrepreneurs or expert advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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