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3 Ways to Nail Your Virtual Pitch

September 1, 2020
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COVID-19 may have shrunk the pool of funding opportunities, but that doesn’t mean investment deals aren’t happening. Founders everywhere are presenting their business ideas through videoconferencing platforms like Zoom.

But how do you exude confidence and make a strong impression on potential investors through a screen?

In last week’s newsletter, we asked owners from the Hello Alice community to share their advice for nailing a virtual pitch. Here are some top tips you shared.

Over-prepare for Your Pitch

It can be difficult to project enthusiasm through video conferencing. But one founder says there are ways to show confidence when making a case for your startup:

“My tips are to make sure you’re making eye contact, be animated, and ensure you have a very good connection. Either have a blank background or an interesting one that’s relevant to your business. Virtual backgrounds are too distracting and disingenuous. And like any pitch, know to answer investors questions before they ask them.”

— Marie Farmer, founder of Mini Mealtimes

Seriously: Pitch With Passion

This owner, who recently closed $250,000 in funding through a virtual pitch, recommends to emphasize your passion during your presentation:

“Show more energy than in person. You have to do a lot of hand movements and exaggerate to make it look alive and that you come across high-energy and passionate. Telling an inspiring story instead of just repeating a memorized speech is more important than ever.”

— Sylvia Kampshoff, founder of Kanthaka

Find Your Angle

The same founder adds that the all-important first impression is even more crucial for virtual pitches:

Pick a good background (we have our company logo behind my desk on the wall). And make sure you have good lighting and the right camera level. It sounds superficial, but the better angle you come across, the better impression you leave.

— Sylvia Kampshoff, founder of Kanthaka

You can learn more ways to nail your virtual pitch with the Hello Alice Pitch Investors Virtually Guide.

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