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Find and Secure Small Business Funding with These 3 Guides

August 9, 2022
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New Majority business owners say a key barrier to fundraising is not knowing what to expect. And we don’t blame anyone for feeling this way — fear of the unknown is real.

As business owner Gwendolyn Washington told the Kaufman Foundation, “What you lack [is] the community … a line of people who you already know who can teach you and support you.”

To help break down this barrier, Hello Alice has partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to create a milestone with practical steps for fundraising preparation and all it entails. Broken down into three guides, this milestone includes actionable information to get you on the road to reaching your fundraising goals.

In addition to these go-at-your-own-pace guides, we’ll also hosted three, free Ask-Me-Anything events, during which industry experts from Silicon Valley Bank answered any questions about the topics covered in each guide. 

Missed the live AMAs? Check out the recordings below to catch up on how to find and secure funding for your business now!

1. Determine How Much to Raise

Understanding how much money you truly need is the first step to protecting ownership of your business. Early money is likely the most expensive money you’ll take — and it’s important to ensure it doesn’t come with too many strings attached. The first guide in the milestone, Determine How Much to Raise, will help you through this crucial process.

Watch the full Ask-Me-Anything, featuring Silicon Valley Bank’s Sophie Nazarian, and Kristin Olszewski, founder and CEO of Nomadica, below!

2. Design Your Pitch Deck

The second guide, Design Your Pitch Deck, will help you craft a solid pitch deck to present to potential investors. Because venture capitalists and angel investors wade through hundreds of startup pitch decks every year, a complete and well-positioned deck can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Watch Silicon Valley Bank’s Sophie Nazerian and Micaela Amaroli, and Jennifer Richard, Principal at Bonfire Ventures, talk pitch decks below!

3. Negotiate and Close the Deal

The last guide of the milestone, Negotiate and Close the Deal, offers direction once you’ve garnered the attention of investors. With these tips and insights, you’ll be well on your way to securing capital for your business.

Silicon Valley Bank’s Micaela Amaroli, and Louise Fritjoffson, founder of Martie, walk you through even more tips below.

Are you ready to start fundraising and increase your capital? Time to get started!

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