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Announcing Grant Recipients of The Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund by SIA Scotch

September 14, 2021
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We are proud to announce the recipients of The Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund by SIA Scotch!

With support and guidance from Hello Alice, this fund connects grant recipients with the capital, mentorship, and community that will enable them to take action, build stronger businesses, and positively impact the economy.  

You can review the full list of 25 recipients below. 

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To learn more about SIA Scotch Whisky, and their long-standing commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, please visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


Carmen Ferreyra | Brooklyn, NY

Toma Bloody Mary Mixers

Alejandro Lopez | New Rochelle, NY


Sandra Portal-Andreu | Miami, FL


Margarita Moreno | Chicago, IL

Reina Skincare

Adriana Robinson | Brandon, FL

Ponce Architecture

Celeste Ponce | Houston, TX

Winking Desserts

Marisa Winking | College Station, TX

Bold Digital Marketing Studio

Ana Carolina Salazar | Orlando, FL

Pane di Vero

Veronica Herico | Petaluma CA

Sense and Edibility

Marta Rivera Diaz | San Antonio, TX

Official Black Wall Street

Mandy Bowman | Brooklyn, NY

Bubba’s-Q Food Truck

Brittani Baker | St. Petersburg, FL


Leslie Fong | Sacramento, CA

Fouta Harissa

Alia Mahmoud | Miami Shores, FL


Michelle Williams | Jersey City, NJ


Shabazz Stuart | Brooklyn, NY

Rich City Studios

Charles Turner | Richmond, CA


Shivika Sinha | San Francisco, CA


LaToya Stirrup | Miami, FL


Amy Hsiao | Brooklyn, NY

Flora Noel

Candace Noel | Houston, TX

Root Elixirs

Dominique Gonzales | San Luis Obispo, CA

All Chill

Julian Petty | Los Angeles, CA

The August Tree Co.

Christine Jeanjaquet | Ridgewood, NY

Berri-Clear Skin

Marsha McBain | Pompano Beach, FL

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