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Meet Ramon Ray, Alice’s New Entrepreneur in Residence, at CES

January 8, 2020
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Who is the most popular entrepreneur at CES? Ramon Ray. If you meet an ebullient man with a great voice shooting video at CES, we are proud to announce today that he is Alice’s entrepreneur in residence. It is quite a first assignment to start at CES in Las Vegas.

“Our top two objectives at Alice are to educate and advocate for business owners, there is no better person to lead this than Ramon Ray. We are honored that he has joined team Alice to educate the thousands of diverse entrepreneurs we support everyday,” says Alice president and co-founder Elizabeth Gore.

You may already know Ray as the genius mind behind Smart Hustle Media. He’s started four companies and sold two of them. He’s a best-selling author in the business space. Most recently, he gained note for last year’s release of The Celebrity CEO.

Ramon’s expertise in entrepreneurship extends to innovation in ensuring diverse owners scale. Yesterday, he led the CES event, entitled  “Diversity and Inclusion Roundtable: The Power of Partnerships.” Ramon’s three points from the conversation were reducing investor bias, going beyond financial support, and proving that investing in minorities is a smart investment.  

The former technology consultant is an authority on personal branding — in fact, he was an expert witness to the United States Congress on the topic. He also used his interview skills to chat with former President Barack Obama in the executive’s first Google Hangout.

Ray is a captivating speaker and will be representing Alice by educating owners at events across the country. But we’re perhaps most excited to take advantage of Ray’s expertise in video. Throughout CES, he will be making his way through Eureka Park, finding compelling founders to feature in videos that include Facebook Lives airing today and tomorrow at 2 pm PT, as well as future videos about the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurs.

“My passion for the last 25 years has been to help small businesses. Working with Alice is a great opportunity for me to help more companies and scale what I do,” says Ray. “As entrepreneur in residence, my role to produce content and find content and showcase entrepreneurs is my dream of a lifetime. There’s nothing better than working with a platform and a company such as Alice that’s there to help entrepreneurs. So if I’m helping Alice, I’m helping entrepreneurs.”

Look for more Ray at and across our social platforms on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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