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Q&A with Flora Noel Founder Candace Noel  

February 13, 2024
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After taking some floral design classes, Candace Noel discovered an immense joy and fulfillment in crafting floral arrangements. This sensation sparked a realization: she wanted to take her creativity out of the classroom and into the real world. So she decided to merge passion with livelihood and Flora Noel was born.

Q&A with Candace Noel

Can you share what your small business is and its mission?

Flora Noel is a Houston-based floral design and events studio dedicated to curating unforgettable  experiences through modern floral artistry. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creativity, we specialize in crafting personalized floral arrangements that elevate special events and transform private spaces. 

Our mission is to celebrate all people, inspire creativity, and evoke emotion through the artistry of flowers. At the heart of my mission is a dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. I strive to make each floral creation with a sense of elegance, sophistication, and originality that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or intimate gathering, I believe that every occasion deserves to be adorned with exquisite blooms that enhance the atmosphere and elevate the spirit.

Why did you decide to start your own business? Can you take me back to the moment you saw a need for your business, and how you came up with its concept?

The inception of Flora Noel was inspired by a deep-seated desire to merge passion with livelihood. Years  back, my curiosity led me to explore floral design classes, where I discovered an immense sense of joy  and fulfillment in crafting intricate floral arrangements. This sensation sparked a realization: I yearned to  extend this joy beyond the confines of a classroom and share it with others. 

As I began designing flowers for family celebrations, I observed firsthand the transformative power of floral beauty in elevating events and igniting genuine delight among guests. It became evident that there was a niche waiting to be filled, a space where creativity and celebration intersected seamlessly. Thus, Flora Noel was born. 

With Flora Noel my vision formed into a business model where clients could entrust their event decor to  us with confidence, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the joy of their occasions. Our mission is simple: to create unforgettable experiences where clients can arrive, bask in the moment, and relish the magic of their events without the burden of decor worries. 

How do you set your business apart from those in your industry?

As a black, female owner of a modern floral design business, I set my business apart by infusing it with  elements from my cultural background. My floral arrangements incorporate unique cultural influences  through color and texture. By offering designs that resonate with a broader audience, I create a distinct  brand identity that stands out in the industry. 

What tool/tools have you used that has helped boost your business?

One tool that has significantly boosted my business is social media. Through visually captivating posts  and engaging content, I showcase my floral creations to a wide audience, attracting potential clients and  generating interest in my brand. Social media also allows me to connect directly with customers, receive  feedback, and build a loyal following, which has been instrumental in expanding my business. 

Additionally, I utilize EveryStem, a floral software that manages flower recipes, stem counts, pricing and  wholesale orders. This helps me streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and make a profit.

What’s your biggest challenge right now and how are you working through that?

My biggest challenge right now is expanding my customer base and reaching those who appreciate my  unique style of flower design. In a competitive market, it can be difficult to stand out and attract clients  who resonate with my artistic vision. 

To overcome this challenge, I am focusing on targeted marketing efforts aimed at reaching my ideal  clientele. I am actively leveraging social media platforms to showcase my portfolio and engage with  potential customers who share a passion for modern floral arrangements. By consistently sharing my work  and interacting with followers, I aim to build a strong online presence that reflects the essence of my  brand and attracts like-minded individuals. 

Additionally, I am exploring collaborations and partnerships with local businesses, event planners, and  venues to expand my reach and tap into new networks of potential clients. I aim to increase awareness  of my brand and establish myself as a go-to floral designer for modern and creative events. 

I am continuously refining my services and offerings ensuring that I remain relevant and responsive to  the evolving needs and preferences of my target audience. By staying proactive and adaptable, I am  confident that I can overcome the challenge of finding more customers who appreciate my style of flower  design and ultimately grow my business. 

How do you deal with fear and self-doubt as an entrepreneur? 

I acknowledge that fear and self-doubt are natural emotions that arise when venturing into entrepreneurship. Rather than trying to suppress these feelings, I accept them as part of the entrepreneurial journey. When I started this journey, I was very fearful and had self-doubt. However, after lots of practice and designing  florals for several large events, I gained the confidence needed to push forward. Whenever I start doubting myself, I remind myself of the many times I accomplished my goals and my clients were happy. 

Who do you look up to for help/mentorship and how did you find them? 

I look to God first. There is no way I would’ve gotten this far without Him. He is where I’ve always found  help and support. Carin Luna-Ostaseski, founder of SIA Scotch Whisky and The Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund, has been my mentor since I started Flora Noel. In 2021, she chose me to be one of her Entrepreneurial Spirit Fund Grant recipients. Carin has been instrumental in my entrepreneurial development and has always been available if I’m in need of assistance.

If you could only give one piece of advice to your fellow entrepreneurs, what would it be?

My advice is to believe in yourself. The path of entrepreneurship is full of challenges, and often, your  most faithful supporter is none other than yourself.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur, and how have you grown personally since becoming one? 

Freedom! I was born an artist and I must have the opportunity to be creative every day, on my own terms. Entrepreneurship affords me this privilege, granting the balance between work and life that nourishes my  artistic spirit. Through this journey, I’ve witnessed my confidence soar and my aptitude for problem-solving  sharpen with each passing day. 

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am deeply passionate about flowers, and the opportunity of crafting extraordinary floral arrangements for new clients’ events fills me with excitement. It’s a privilege to have the freedom to share my creativity and bring visions to life through exquisite blooms.

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