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Q&A with Femly Founder and CEO Arion Long

February 23, 2024
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At just 26 years old, Arion Long was diagnosed with a tumor that was linked to chemicals found in popular pads and tampons. It was then that she knew she needed to make organic products more accessible, so she created Femly. Femly is a personal care brand on a mission to set a new standard, provide relatable education, and deliver organic, sustainable, and healthier menstrual products.

Q&A with Arion Long

Can you share what your small business is and its mission?

If you’ve ever had a period, you know that pad and tampon access in restrooms is a buzzkill. Femly is supporting period poverty by doing away with the dispensers of yesteryear and providing smart dispensers and organic period supplies in restrooms. To put it simply, we elevate the restroom experience and increase menstrual product access.

Why did you decide to start your own business? Can you take me back to the moment you saw a need for your business, and how you came up with its concept?

At 26 years old, I was diagnosed with a tumor linked to chemicals in popular pads and tampons, then I discovered that 80% of us go without access to these products in public. Because publicly available products aren’t always high quality, I did the natural thing and invented something better.

How do you set your business apart from others in your industry?

Femly sets itself apart for other businesses by leveraging innovation, storytelling, strategic partnerships and building with inclusion in mind. We are obsessed with our customer experience, value chain, and are constantly refining our products and operations for the better.

What tool/tools have you used that has helped boost your business?

OMG I’m definitely a #CRMLOVER., and Slack are two of my favorites. Along with this, processes, systems, and routine goal setting is a fave. My team sets weekly meetings, goals, and we constantly track our progress against this to boost and grow the business.

What’s your biggest challenge right now and how are you working through that?

Our biggest challenge is team capacity, no matter how great things are going, it’s never too soon to start relationship building with amazing people! As we work to hire we’ve benefitted from great consultants, freelance relationships, and strategic programming that provides pro-bono people support for tech companies.

How do you deal with fear and self-doubt as an entrepreneur?

Fear and doubt don’t exist in my vocabulary because these emotions always swell up in the absence of evidence supporting their justification. When you find yourself questioning, go back to your plan, goals, and all of the things that helped you start. Use that energy to go forward, pivot, and level set.

Who do you look up to for help/mentorship and how did you find them?

I have amazing sponsors who go beyond providing simple advice and literally move mountains on my behalf. I’d advise others to find the champions in their respective industries who have been we’re they’re going. LinkedIn is a GREAT place to start.

If you could only give one piece of advice to your fellow entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Don’t listen to people for execution-only strategy. Let data be the force that moves you take action.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur, and how have you grown personally since becoming one?

My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the constant “newness” that I experience when learning new things. I’m a Type A with ADHD and classic overachiever, my brain craves knowledge and entrepreneurship allows you to learn something new daily.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Femly has a goal of ending period poverty in restrooms at schools, hospitals, hotels and offices. Consider bringing us to a restroom near you by visiting our site. Our team LOVES referrals for amazing locations!

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