Breaking Down
Barriers — Together.

In partnership with Hello Alice, Mastercard has pledged $500 million to help close the racial wealth and opportunity gap for Black communities across America.

Together we're focused on getting you the capital, technical assistance, and tools you need and deserve to grow your business, contribute to your community, innovate and learn, and help strengthen the economy.

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About the Partnership

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Capital Access

We're working to get capital into small business owners' hands through Small Business Growth Fund grant opportunities and the Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard®.

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Technical Assistance

Our partnership helps SMBs launch, fund, and grow with access to tools, resources, and support through the Hello Alice App and Mastercard's Digital Doors®.

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We believe strengthening small businesses directly leads to job creation, opportunities for learning and innovation, and economic growth.

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Hello Alice
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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but the racial disparities that persist in accessing capital often limit entrepreneurs in the New Majority from ever reaching their full potential. According to the Fed, Black-owned businesses continue to face structural barriers in acquiring the capital, knowledge, and market access necessary for growth — challenges deeply exacerbated by the pandemic. Recent Hello Alice data also indicates that 89% of all SMBs (and 91% of Black-owned SMBs) believe access to capital is currently limiting their growth. It's time for change!

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Strive Cities

We're offering equitable financial tools, investment, local events, and partnerships to bring Black-owned businesses into the digital economy.

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Hello Alice Grant Opportunities

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The Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard®

Benefits that drive growth, access to experts, and no annual fees. 1 The Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard® is a credit card made for small businesses.

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Mastercard Support for SMBs

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Digital Doors®

Now more than ever, having a digital presence is critical. Learn how to digitize your business to thrive.

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Digital Readiness

Holistically assess how digitally ready your business is through this free diagnostic.

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