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Mastercard and Hello Alice Partner to Amplify the Impact of Women Owners

March 6, 2020
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Every entrepreneur is measured by their ideas. The right idea can turn into something priceless.

Just as important? Finding the ideal mentors and resources so business owners can turn their concept into a thriving business and #StartSomethingPriceless.

The day we launched, Hello Alice committed to sourcing every resource possible for women entrepreneurs. That’s why we’re partnering with Mastercard to bring more attention to the unique journey women owners face in starting and growing their business. Together, we’re introducing the Her Ideas Start Something Priceless community where members can access learning modules, tools, network, and more to support them as they follow their passion.

“Women small business owners are already making their mark despite the challenges before them, and it’s our intention to clear that path so that their ideas can reach their full potential,” said Cheryl Guerin, executive vice president North America Marketing & Communications for Mastercard. “We’re creating a community for all and our hope is that any woman owner who can benefit from the advisement, mentorship, and tools we are bringing to life will join us.”

Through the Mastercard Path to Priceless Initiative there will be a curated calendar of physical and digital advisement and mentorship opportunities. Working with some of the most prominent women entrepreneurs, including Hello Alice’s own Carolyn Rodz, they are sparking a year-long conversation with the goal of empowering female small business owners through conferences, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and one-on-one mentorship.

“Capital and mentorship are critical to ensuring business for all,” said Rodz, CEO and co-founder of Hello Alice. “By partnering with Mastercard, we can bring the power of our platform Hello Alice together with their vast insights and resources to create a place that owners can come to when they have questions, need advisement, or just want to hear from others forging a similar path.”

Women are driving forth businesses that are impacting their communities, society and the economy more broadly. Together, our goal is to amplify this impact.

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