Meet Our Team

Our mission is grounded in the belief that all Americans with an entrepreneurial vision deserve access to the funding, resources, and networks they need to succeed. We understand small business because it’s where we started.

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Elizabeth Gore

Co-founder and President

Carolyn Rodz

Co-founder and CEO

Jillian Benvenuti

Chief of Staff

Darnell Bowen


Megan MacDonald

VP Marketing

Fryd Ovcaric

VP Business Development

Kelsey Ruger

VP Product

Kathi Safford

Senior Director of Human Resources

Shruti Shah

VP Partner Success

Matt Brewster

VP Capital

Mike Steele

VP Brand & Content
board members

Elizabeth Gore

Co-founder and President, Hello Alice

Carolyn Rodz

Co-founder and CEO, Hello Alice

Zaw Thet

CEO, Co-founder, Exer Labs

John China

President, SVB Capital

Keith Shoates

Vice President, Office of the CEO, Vista Equity Partners

Frank Rotman

Co-founder, Partner QED Investors

Ready to Start Your Journey?

It’s time to discover what you need to grow your business. Hello Alice is here to guide you with funding, expert advice, and a supportive community at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

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