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Kicking Butt Has Never Looked this Good

January 27, 2018
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Lynn Le is the founder and CEO of Society Nine, a contemporary women’s boxing brand inspired by the fight within every woman. A brown belt in Krav Maga and a former kickboxing instructor, Lynn was named to Portland Business Journal’s 2017 40 under 40 list and Forbes 30 under 30 Class of 2018 in retail/e-commerce.

What was your biggest discovery in 2017?

How much longer we have to go as a culture when it comes to cracking the double standards in the combat sports and fitness industry.

What hurdles did you face in 2017, and how did you navigate them?

As a business, we face challenges and hurdles literally every single day and sometimes every hour. But the biggest hurdles largely have to do with my own sense of self-doubt — I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I know could’ve been avoided had I listened to my gut. So, now, I’m focusing on trusting my gut more and, also, choosing my battles.

What is getting you pumped up for 2018?

All the new products we are developing — I cannot wait to launch our new gear and new apparel collection. Even men in the sport are excited about our new gear!

When you’re not thinking about business, what occupies your daydreams?

The ways in which I can create positive impact three years from now, five years, 10 years. Selfishly, that was always my goal in creating Society Nine — I wanted to personally create positive social impact. To me, that is the only way to live.

What is in your “entrepreneurship” emergency kit?

  • Well, for starters I need my Society Nine Boxing Gloves. After a long day, I need to let out steam with a good workout. And they also reinvigorate a sense of badass when I’m feeling down.
  • I also always carry with me a bag mixed with almonds, cranberries, walnuts, pistachios and dried cherries. I call it a trail mix for queens! This stuff is a lifesaver when traveling or when there’s no time for a proper meal.
  • I’d also add to my emergency kit my Kindle because I love carrying around an entire library with me wherever I go, a water bottle, my phone (duh!) and a pair of stylish sneakers. I am always on-the-go, so the right sneakers allow me to dress up or down for my hectic schedule.

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