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Jen Keefe of Happy Healing Arts on Finding Your Bliss

August 1, 2019
2 min read

When Jen Keefe chose the moniker Happy Healing Arts for her Norfolk, Massachusetts wellness practice, she meant every word. However, the first one holds special power.

“Feeling happy did not always come easy to me, in fact it was probably one of the biggest obstacles that I’ve had to overcome in life,” she recalls. Now, she says it’s an emotion that everyone deserves, and her life’s mission is to share it with them however she can.

Her business is a multi-pronged effort to make clients feel great. She offers a variety of services, including art lessons, meditation, happiness coaching, and energy and spiritual healing, such as hypnosis, mediumship, and reiki. She even uses a self-made, mandala-style coloring book called “The Art of Happiness” to train young adults to slow down their minds and focus on just relaxing into the moment.

Keefe’s previous foray into entrepreneurship also had art at its heart, but possessed a very different soul. Her mural and custom finish painting business succeeded for eight years, but life, as it often does, sent her in a new direction. “Toward the end of that career, a major shift occurred in my personal life that sparked a deep curiosity about the universe and life’s bigger picture,” she says. As a result, she began to immerse herself in learning about energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics, and any discipline that touched what she calls “the healing arts.”

That led to meeting her mentor, a woman who owned a healing arts learning and wellness center. “I credit her for giving me the little push I needed to start working with my somewhat newly acquired knowledge and skill set,” Keefe remembers.

The vision for Happy Healing Arts came to Keefe early last year. “It wasn’t even something that was on my radar at the time, but I felt in my heart that it was something I needed to do,” she says.

Since then, she’s shared countless transformative moments. That means seeing her clients embrace unmined artistic bents, but also watching herself grow more fulfilled by the day as her business swiftly expands and she helps more and more people.

When Keefe summarizes what she does, she likes to reference a quote from Anne Frank, “Whoever is happy, will make others happy.” It’s a simple truth, she admits, but one that she wants to “radiate out into this world.” And that’s exactly what she does.