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Is Your Business Ready for Election Day?

October 13, 2020
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Election Day 2020 is officially upon us. As a small business owner, issues like tax reform, minimum wage, and healthcare are likely to be top of mind, so make sure you join the 93% of small business owners expected to vote this election season.

Below, we’ve gathered all the information and tools you’ll need to craft your voting game plan and make sure your #SmallBizVote rings loud this year.

Check on Voting Registration Deadlines and Early Voting Days

Every state has its own voting rules and deadlines, with a few states even offering same-day registration at the polls on Nov. 3. If you still need to take care of registration, refer to this calendar organized by state and note when early voting begins in your area.

Confirm Your Voter Registration

If you’ve already registered but want to double check your status, check on your registration status online using the above tool.

Find Your Polling Place

Many states offer online services that can help you look up your local voting sites. The National Association of Secretaries of State can help you find your local Secretary of State for further information.

Get Familiar With Your Representatives

As we wrote in a recent blog, Bobby and Janice Jucker, owners of Houston-based Three Brothers Bakery, discovered that effecting real change is sometimes as simple as reaching out to their congresswoman. Find information about your representatives, how to contact them, bills they’ve introduced, political contributions they’ve received, and more at the link above.

Plan Your Vote with a Sample Ballot

Don’t be taken by surprise with anything on your ballot by getting familiar with a sample ballot for your precinct. View the exact elections you will be voting in with this sample ballot lookup tool, and create a list of candidates and issues you support to bring with you to the polls.

Look Up State Laws on Voting Rights and Taking Time off to Vote

Getting time off to vote is handled on a state-by-state basis. Depending on where you live, you may or may not have the right to take time off to vote. Prepare accordingly by looking up your state law.

Set Special Hours for Your Google Business Listing

If your business will be closed for election day to provide you and your employees with the opportunity to go vote unencumbered, you can make sure your new business hours are reflected by updating them on your Google Business account above.

Get Educated About Being Safe at the Polls

If you will be voting in person at your local polling place, get familiar with your state’s COVID-19 safety guidance, early voting rules, and more.

Are you ready to make your vote count this election season? Check out the Hello Alice Vote for Small Business hub for comprehensive information and step-by-step guides on how to Advocate for You and Your Business, Encourage Your Employees to Vote, and Develop an Election Day Marketing Strategy.

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