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How Small Business Owners Are Planning Their Holiday Marketing Campaigns

September 29, 2020
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The holiday season can bring huge amounts of revenue to a small business. In fact, experts predict that holiday spending this year to accumulate $1.147 billion to $1.152 billion in sales.

Whether you’re brainstorming digital marketing strategies or thinking of new ways to promote your products, now’s the perfect time to start preparing your business for the holiday season.

In a recent newsletter, we asked the business owners of the Hello Alice community to share how they’re preparing their business this holiday season. Here’s what some owners shared with us:

Get Serious About Target Marketing

One founder says they’re upping their holiday marketing campaign by using target marketing to focus on a specific audience. By segmenting potential customers based on attributes such as age or location, you have a higher chance of making a genuine connection with consumers:

In general, target marketing is the way to go. Once you get started, simply keep optimizing to get in front of that specific group of customers that are looking for your product or service. Just have enough to go around or you’ll be mad you didn’t maximize that opportunity.

— Owner of Surplus Bargains

Run Digital Social Media Ads With Analytics in Mind

Another owner is implementing digital advertisements as one of many tools to broaden his brand’s reach with customers, new and old, this holiday season:

My business will be running a promotion for Facebook Ad Campaign Management Services. We plan to help small business owners create, deploy, optimize, and manage their campaigns through the holidays. There is no surprise that online shopping will grow yet again this year considering the strained times we are now experiencing. Business owners should start now to position their websites and social channels to track consumers for re-targeting purposes as we approach the holidays.

— Kenneth Durrum, owner of Released Solutions

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