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Hello Alice Staffing Diversity Report: Summer 2020

August 25, 2020
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At Hello Alice, we strive to “walk the talk.”

When it comes to staffing, that means ensuring that our team reflects the diversity of the New Majority our company is committed to serving. Hello Alice aspires to hire balanced teams that properly represent women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ and military-connected communities. This is especially important for us as part of the tech industry, which continues to lag behind in representation for women, people of color, and other New Majority demographics.

Hello Alice hopes to be an example of progress. Every six months we review and share our staffing, board, and outsourcing practices to provide full transparency into our staffing. All team members are asked to complete a survey of basic demographic information, including gender identity, racial/ethnic background, military affiliation, and sexual orientation. Participation is voluntary.

As of Summer 2020, Team Hello Alice — which includes our board of directors, consulting agencies, full-time employees, and contractors — is majority female and people of color. About 20% of our full-time employees identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, and 13% are connected to the military, primarily through family members. No staff or board members are of Native/Indigenous descent — a clear opportunity for growth. Survey data did not include information on ability status.

“We’ve built a team that reflects the diversity of the audience we serve, because it is smart business, and enables us to connect on a more human level,” says CEO and Co-Founder Carolyn Rodz. “Technology may be the conduit between us and the small business owners we serve, but we never forget that there are real, unique, emotional journeys on the other side of that computer screen. Our experiences are threaded through everything we create, and that’s made our business stronger as a result.”

Below, we break down the demographics of Team Hello Alice from top to bottom.

Full-Time Employees

Hello Alice currently has 17 full-time employees. Fifteen of these employees participated in this survey.

  • 53% Female
  • 47% Male
  • 33% White
  • 27% African American / Black
  • 27% Asian
  • 13% Hispanic / Latinx
  • 13% Military-Connected
  • 20% LGBTQ+

Leadership Team

Within our full-time employees, Hello Alice has a six-person leadership team. All six members participated in the survey.

  • 66% Male
  • 33% Female
  • 33% White
  • 33% African American / Black
  • 16% Latina
  • 16% Asian
  • 16% LGBTQ+
  • 50% Military-Connected


Hello Alice currently has 10 contracted team members. Nine of these contractors participated in this survey.

  • 67% Female
  • 33% Male
  • 56% Asian
  • 33% Hispanic / Latinx
  • 11% White

Consulting Agencies

Hello Alice works with four agencies: SpinMagnet, Motto, Accurate Methods Consulting, and Skai Blue Media. Answers below are based on knowledge of their teams, not survey results.

  • 75% Female
  • 25% Male
  • 50% Black
  • 50% White
  • 25% LGBTQ+

Board of Directors

Hello Alice has a six-member board of directors. Answers below are based on knowledge of our board, not survey results.

  • 50% Female
  • 50% Male
  • 50% Hispanic / Latinx
  • 33% White
  • 16% Asian
  • 33% Military-Connected

Feature image: Team Alice gathers for a team retreat at the San Francisco office in December 2019. / Photo by Pocho Sanchez

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