Small Business Funding & Growth Center

Get the Money and Resources You Need to Grow Your Business

From a grant to jazz up your online storefront to a loan to help you stock up on inventory, the Small Business Funding Center connects you with the capital and business resources you need to launch and grow your small business. The juggle is real for hard-working entrepreneurs like you, so you can bank on easy applications and personalized recommendations here.

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Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard®

Start Here, Grow Anywhere

Benefits that drive growth, access to experts, and no annual fees. The Hello Alice Small Business Mastercard® is a credit card made for small businesses.

Choose the Right Capital

Getting a business off the ground costs money. The amount varies depending on the type and size of the business and its goals, but figuring out how to fund your new endeavor is a key first step as you get started.

Choose the right capital

Secure a Bank Loan

Many Owners eventually need a small-business loan to help them manage or scale operating costs. For some, a small-business loan could mean new equipment or a second location. For others, the funds might give a much-needed safety net after an unexpectedly low season. Whatever your goals may be, a small-business loan from a bank or credit union may help you get there — all while providing the lowest APR-options available.

Secure a bank loan

Secure a Loan From a Nonprofit Microlender

Microlending is the practice of an institution extending microloans (i.e., $50,000 or less) to small businesses with financial needs at low-interest rates.

Though there are different types of institutions that offer microlending, nonprofit microlenders go beyond making small loans to business owners and provide benefits other traditional lenders don’t.

Secure a Loan From a Nonprofit Microlender

Select the Right Credit Card

Credit cards provide much-needed support and relief for many business owners. When handled responsibly, they can also help you:

  • Initially fund your startup
  • Track your financial statements
  • Mitigate cash flow issues
  • Separate personal from business expenses
Select the right credit card