The Right Choice for You

Choosing how to finance your business can have short- and long-term implications. Hello Alice will help evaluate your financial landscape, factor in your business plan, and decide what mix of capital options make the most sense.

Helpful Guidance

Know Your Options

What are the right funding options to grow your business? The answer is that it depends. Our resources walk you through the basics of debt, credit, grants, equity, and the different types of capital available to help your small business get off the ground.

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Choose the Right Capital

Guide · 3 min read

Fine-tuning Your Pitch

It is time to use your powers of persuasion for a funder to take a chance on you. Whether you are applying for a loan, courting an investor, or seeking a grant, we have guides to help you tell your story and land that next big deal.

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Create a Pitch Deck

Guide · 4 min read

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Rounding Up Financial Resources

There are more grants and programs available to support small businesses than ever before. We round up the right ones for you in the Hello Alice Small Business Funding Center.

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Crowdsource Funding Tips

The money aspect of entrepreneurship can be overwhelming to even the most experienced small business owners. Tap into our community of half a million small business owners to get access to their wisdom. All you have to do is ask!

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