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Eggschain is Empowering Women Who Are Choosing to Freeze Their Eggs

April 24, 2018
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This female founder is developing a blockchain-based community to increase support and transparency in the fertility industry

Wei Escala, founder and CEO of Eggschain

How did you decide to start your own company?

Three reasons: The first — my best friend had just gone through the eggs-freezing procedure. So I had seen firsthand just how little information she was able to access regarding the procedure and the emotional stress she had to go through. And every day during the process, I thought to myself that this could have been me.

The second reason — As a woman, your frozen eggs and frozen embryos are indisputably yours and the decisions by-laws, contracts, estate plan surrounding them need to be recorded. And that’s what lead Eggschain’s immutable and secure nature of the blockchain, which will help prevent many law suits and emotional trauma down the road, 5 years or 10 years after the procedure has been done.

The third reason for launching Eggschain— My favorite class during my Computer Science undergrad curriculum was Computer Architecture. And it was the class the connected the dots for me, illustrating the relationships between human actions and machines.

I believe we are at the dawn of the internet revolution again, much like 1994. The blockchain will be the new foundational layer for internet 3.0. Decentralization will be the new norm, and Eggschain is well-positioned to pioneer the transition of the eggs-freezing industry onto the blockchain.

This is such a fascinating concept. So, what can we except from Eggschain?

We’re taking a lean approach in developing our MVP. Our goal is to partner with both clinics, storage facilities, and doctors, so we’re working closely with them to understand their needs and how we can best design our solution. We’re also interviewing women who have gone through or are considering going through the procedure to validate our user experience design.

In the end, our mission is to design the best product and user experience for tracking, monitoring, and recording critical information related to the eggs-freezing procedure.

So it sounds like right now is the best time for individuals and organizations who are interested in connecting with you, to reach out. How can they get in touch with you?

Eggschain is seeking strategic partnerships, advisors, and investors. We’re most interested in speaking with doctors, clinics, and eggs-freezing storage facilities. We’re always interested in speaking with anyone who is willing to share constructive feedback or would like to help in any way.

To get in touch with us, send an email to [email protected] and I would be happy to schedule a phone call or meet in person.

When someone says your name, what do you want to be the description that follows?

I want the description to illustrate my values: integrity, passion for winning, in-touch, teamwork and loyalty.

Those are great values. What is your best advice for other entrepreneurs?

Take the time to learn to be a good saleswoman and to build good relationships. First, to be a successful entrepreneur, you will find yourself selling every day, either to your co-founders, your customers, your board, or even yourself.

Second, building relationships is critical because at the end of the day, we’re all in the people business. These skills will not only be invaluable throughout your entrepreneurial journey, but also in life.

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