The Best Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd

We asked the Hello Alice community to share their creative strategies for getting their business noticed by customers, clients, and investors.

Oct 27, 2020 · 2 min read

Capturing the attention of customers, investors, or partners is no easy task, especially if your industry is crowded with competition. But with some creativity, you can steal the spotlight and stand out from the crowd.

We asked owners in the Business for All Community to share their favorite strategies for getting noticed and growing their business. Below, some of the strategies you shared with us.

Bust Down the Door

You’ll go gray waiting for customers to come to you, which is why it’s usually best to take a proactive approach. This founder leverages social media and events to put herself in front of clients and partners:

“I’ve always had a ‘go to the top’ strategy when marketing to government agencies. I make connections on LinkedIn with the agency director, build rapport by commenting on their posts, identify events that they will be a part of, and ensure that I’m either a panelist or being featured at the event to demonstrate credibility. Then, [I] follow up with a personal email, and I’m typically in door!”

Crystal Bessix, President of edOpp Solutions

Samples, Samples, Samples

Once a customer experiences a great product, it should be hard to resist a purchase. That’s why Vincent Virzi offers coffee samples to customers and leaves products out in his shop to capture people’s attention:

“We usually send whole bean coffee samples to buyers, but I also include a bag of ground Ethiopia coffee because you cannot avoid the aromatics it puts out. It literally permeates the entire office with scents of berries and wine.”

Vincent Virzi, owner of Due Torri Coffee

Add a Personal Touch

Handwriting your own notes can feel shockingly personal in an age where tweets, texts, and email are the norm. Use this strategy to build a connection with your customers:

“I’m a master calligrapher, so I just sent out handwritten notes to targeted customers that I want to work with. This usually gets their initial attention and into the door.”

Alina J. Johnson, founder of Johnson Consulting Services

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