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Small Business Funding

6 Tips for Securing Small Business Investors

Any business owner seeking out investment opportunities should already be proud. If you’re ready to take an investor’s check, you’ve already built a scalable business. That person’s investment will help you hire staff, scale operations, and fully realize your small business dream. But it can be intimidating to find the right investor — not to mention selling your idea as something worth spending money on. Luckily, we have some tips to find small business investors and feel more confident pitching them. Our new Milestone, How to Find Investors, guides business owners through everything they need to know to prepare for capital investment, find investors, and land your pitch. Here are a few quick tips to find small business investors as you get started. 1) Evaluate Your Business Needs First off, determine if your business is ready for outside capital. Not every business is ready for investment, and every business isn’t suited to every form of capital. Save yourself time by asking a few important questions before seeking venture capital. Here are some key questions to ask: Is my venture scalable? In other words, will your business model allow you to rapidly increase sales or revenues without requiring significant changes to how you do business? This is the key requirement for accepting venture capital. If not, don’t worry — grants, credit, and loans are still available and a great option.Do you know what you’re looking for? Before you step out the door, know exactly how much investment you’re seeking and what you plan to do with the additional capital. Investors will write you a check to support your goals, so ensure you have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish those goals — as well as the budget, revenue projections, and other supporting documentation to show you’ll have the resources to get there. Do you have enough time? Fundraising is a full-time job. If you’re devoting your full concentration, ingenuity, and social energy to wooing investors, you won’t have time to manage day-to-day operations. Ensure you have a co-founder, operations manager, or another team member who can assume responsibility. Without the help, your business could suffer. Ready to go deeper on this topic? Prepare for capital investment now. 2) Do Your Research on Investors Getting face-to-face with any investor isn’t too difficult. However, set yourself up for success by doing your homework and get your business plan in front of the right investor most likely to support your mission. The more you know about the investor’s background, portfolio, risk tolerance, and personality, the more likely you will have a match and sell them on your business. Familiarize yourself with investors based on the following factors: IndustryStage of growthValuesGeography Don’t feel the need to learn their life story. However, a few key facts will help you prepare for a successful pitch that sets you apart from the competition that sends them generic outreach. The more you know your business — right down to its every metric and move — the easier it will be to find investors who align holistically and weed out those who don’t. Once you narrow your investor profile, ​here are some places to start your search: Angel networksAffinity groups (by race, industry, geography, ethnicity, veteran status, problem sets)Family officesHigh net worth individualsGovernment funding sourcesFoundation funding sourcesUniversities 3) Know Your Market Research With any luck, you’ll line up a few meetings. Ensure you know what you’re going to say when the moment arrives. Be able to anticipate — and answer — common questions from investors. That means having a thorough understanding of your industry and where your business stands against competitors. Ask yourself some of the following questions before meeting with potential investors: What is your unique selling proposition? Who is your customer? What obstacles, if any, stand in the way of achieving your vision? What is the business opportunity presented by your solution?  Credible answers to questions like this will help you distinguish yourself. Want more tips on sourcing prospects? Learn to find investors now. 4) Make a Compelling Sales Pitch At the end of the day, investors are interested in making themselves money. They might not care about your incredible product if they don’t see a path to profitability. To demonstrate this path, get your financials and internal data in order before pitching an investor.  Be prepared to share the following information: Profits year-to-dateMonthly revenue and expensesFuture financial forecasts Furthermore, it helps to provide information about your team expertise, as well as any metrics to prove the traction your business has today. Yes, sharing this information can feel revealing. But understand that investors want assurances that your business fundamentals are solid and there’s a clear path to profitability. Because remember: If your business can’t make money, it’s not a business. It’s a hobby! 5) Develop Quality Pitch Materials In all likelihood, you have a solid elevator pitch that’s enough to pique an investor’s interest. But what happens when they’re ready for a deeper conversation? Developing solid pitch materials ensures you can deliver relevant business information in a robust and concise format. These two types of materials are essential: Verbal Pitch This is your short elevator pitch meant to catch someone’s attention in five minutes or less. Your verbal pitch should be tailored to each person, but the heart of the pitch should be about selling yourself — why are you the person to invest in? Pitch Deck Develop a short and professional pitch deck, no more than 13 slides. Aim to communicate key messages such as your business model, vision, and proof of traction. At the same time, investors are busy! Edit this document to deliver only the essential information in the most efficient way possible. Have trusted colleagues review your materials before testing them in the field. Additionally, don’t be afraid to revise things along the way. 6) Pitch Investors and Refine Your Technique With Time As you start pitching investors, you’ll learn a whole new form of etiquette. For example, cold calls and cold emails are typically unwelcome. Peppering an investor with industry jargon or a long-winded pitch won’t get you far, either. Instead, focus on building a relationship with investors before asking for money. Network with an investor’s portfolio companies to get tips and perhaps an introduction.  Most of all, hone your pitch until it’s tight, snappy, and confident.  Finally, take notes directly after your meeting about what worked and what didn’t. If you hear no 10 times, there’s probably a mistake or gap in your business plan. Investors are smart people, so put their feedback to good use. We hope these tips to find small business investors help! Want more ways to refine your pitch? Learn to pitch investors now. For more small business tips and inspiration, create a free account on Hello Alice or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
Jun 22, 2022 • 4 min read
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Small Business Funding

5 Small Business Financing Options to Scale Your Business

When it comes to starting a business, capital access becomes one major, if not the biggest, concern. In fact, most Hello Alice temp checks have found access to capital is the number one dilemma among small businesses, with 89% of small business owners claiming lack of capital access limits their businesses’ growth. So what small business financing options are there for fledgling operations with scant resources? What is Business Financing? First, what exactly do we mean when we say “business financing”? Simply put, it’s any sort of money an owner acquires from outside of sales to use in the support of their business — opening a credit card to pay for operation costs or taking out a loan to fund a marketing initiative, for example. Challenges in Small Business Financing Let’s be real: financing isn’t fair. Credit and bank lenders have a history of discrimination and credit scores themselves are often regarded as antiquated and biased measures of financial worthiness.  When Hello Alice polled small business owners, 50% had a personal credit score of 680 or better — strong enough to apply for most business credit cards — yet did not qualify for a business loan, which typically requires a score of 720 or better. On top of this, 49% of Black business owners who applied for financing in the last 12 months reported that none of their applications were approved. With all of these systemic factors working against small business owners, what options are there and how can we break through the barriers? Types of Small Business Financing While many types of funding options for small businesses exist, some are more reliable and attainable than others. At the start of 2022, 62% of small business owners planned to apply for financing, which includes: LoansCredit cardsLines of creditGrantsInvestors Keep reading to find out more about each type of financing small businesses can choose. 1. Loans If you’re in the market for a small-business bank loan, you’ll discover several types you can apply for, all with their own sets of qualification criteria. Some loan types include: Traditional term loanSecured loanSBA loanVehicle loan Commercial real estate loan Just remember, small business loans must be repaid and interest adds up. Be sure not to borrow a loan amount more than you need in order to avoid an excess of interest payments in the long run. To learn more about loans and what it takes to get one, check out our guides Secure a Bank Loan and Secure a Loan From a Nonprofit Microlender. For easily attainable loans, check out our Funding Center to explore options for your business. 2. Credit Cards Many early-stage entrepreneurs may not qualify for more traditional forms of startup capital — such as bank loans. In that case, business credit cards may be a good way to go. Just remember to use your credit responsibly and pay attention to added costs and high interest rates. Exploring rewards programs can set your business up to earn cashback or other benefits for standard business spending.  Dive into our Select the Right Credit Card guide to determine the right credit card option for you. 3. Line of Credit Although credit cards and lines of credit overlap, they’re not quite the same thing. While a credit cards provides direct access to a line of credit, not all lines of credit are associated with cards, i.e., all credit cards are lines of credit but not all lines of credit are credit cards. Often, the APR on a line of credit is lower than on a credit card, and lines of credit tend to have a higher credit limit. The downside? Lines of credit don’t have the same rewards programs as credit cards. Examples include: Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC)Personal Lines of CreditDemand Lines of CreditBusiness Lines of Credit 4. Grants The closest you’ll get to free money, grants, depending on the type, require a service rendered or simply an application in exchange for capital. The only catch with grants? Locating them and determining eligibility.  But that effort is worth it: when Hello Alice polled small business grant recipients, 96% reported grants were “very or extremely helpful” to the viability of their businesses. And to make things a bit easier, Hello Alice tracks down grants for you. To explore grants and their application requirements, check out Hello Alice Grant Opportunities to see collated grant programs as well as Hello Alice partnership grants. 5. Investors Getting people to give you money sounds ideal, right? Just remember, when it comes to investor funding, it’s not quite free money. You’ll give up equity, or pieces of ownership, of your company in exchange for the investment funding you raise. Different types of investors are: angel investorsventure capitalpersonal investorspeer-to-peer lenders The various investors expect different details in the pitches they receive, as well as different amounts of equity and say in the operations of your business. To learn more about pitching investors, including how to do so without losing complete control of your small business, read through our guide in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank, Get Your Startup Ready to Fundraise. Final Thoughts Don’t let the different financing options overwhelm you. With a little research combined with a thorough knowledge of your business’ financial needs, you’ll be well on your way to gaining the capital your business needs to thrive. To read more about small business financing, check out the Small Business Funding section of the Hello Alice blog.
Jun 22, 2022 • 4 min read
Impact Reports

3 Emerging Small Business Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Small and medium-sized businesses are doubling down on digital marketing platforms as a way to reach new audiences and grow their businesses, according to a new Hello Alice Research Report on digital marketing trends in 2022. Hello Alice surveyed a sample of the more than 800,000 small business owners on its platform. Our goal? To learn more about how small businesses are leveraging digital platforms for growth. The research focused on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat as the primary digital marketing platforms used by small businesses.  Among the SMBs surveyed, the majority of those currently leveraging digital marketing platforms have been in operation for less than five years. Additionally, most are businesses that sell products, particularly in the beauty and self-care industries, and are more likely to pursue digital marketing. Finally, most SMBs report using multiple platforms to reach their digital marketing goals.  When evaluating the underlying motivations of SMB digital marketing efforts, three key trends emerged. Key Trend #1: Affordability Is a Top Concern for Small Business Owners Choosing a Platform First, the majority of SMBs leveraging digital marketing platforms are new or emerging businesses that value affordability above all else. Facebook came first in terms of SMBs’ perceived value for their marketing dollar. That said, 45% of SMBs who use digital platforms don’t engage in any paid marketing, relying solely on organic efforts. In sum, SMBs said they find the most effective organic reach on: Facebook (68%)Instagram (66%)TikTok (51%) Key Trend #2: Creative Storytelling Is Key for Small Businesses Of course, storytelling is a highly effective marketing tool. However, this is especially true for small businesses seeking to forge a connection between consumers and their brand. In response, digital marketers are looking for easy-to-use features that enable dynamic storytelling in a variety of formats. Approximately two-thirds of small business owners said that TikTok helps them tell stories in a creative way (67%), outpacing established competitors including Instagram (65%), YouTube (58%), Facebook (55%), and Snapchat (51%). Key Trend #3: Platform Sentiments Are Shifting To date, small businesses see Facebook and Instagram as their go-to marketing platforms. In fact, a majority of SMBs credit their success on these platforms and growth in the form of: hiring new employeesopening new locationsreaching new audiences However, this is changing as Facebook usage declines and TikTok usage dramatically grows. Business owners are taking note. In turn, they are shifting their platform strategies to meet customers where they are. Unsurprisingly, word of mouth recommendations are driving this shift significantly. For example, 43% of small business owners are now likely to join TikTok because they’ve heard reports of efficacy from fellow business owners. By contrast, only 23% said the same about Facebook. These peer recommendations correspond with digital platforms that allow SMBs to introduce their brands and engage their audiences in more dynamic ways. Of the five major platforms, SMBs indicated that they are most excited about their growth potential on Instagram (72%) and TikTok (67%). How to Explain the Growing Popularity of TikTok Despite being the newest platform, TikTok overwhelmingly stands out as an emerging key player. SMBs said it was the platform they were most excited to use in the future. Among SMBs already on TikTok, 78% said they plan to increase their investment in the platform — the highest rate of all platforms surveyed. The survey asked SMBs what qualities and features they valued in various digital platforms. Key factors that set TikTok apart from competitors include: Ease of Use Of SMBs using TikTok, 81% said it was easy to use, and 73% said it was fun to use. Audience Reach & Engagement Interstingly, when ranking the most valuable aspects of using TikTok to promote their businesses, “reaching new audiences” came out on top, followed by the “ability to get discovered” and “reaching the right audience for the business.” Business Growth Notably, while 58% of SMBs using TikTok have been on the platform for less than six months, they're generating fast results. For instance, fifty-nine percent said TikTok helped grow revenue. Meanwhile, 42% said TikTok helped them safeguard their business against the impact of the pandemic. Finally, 32% said TikTok helped them raise capital. Interestingly, the most common reasons SMBs said they were not on TikTok were that it seems too complicated and that the platform has a narrow, youth-focused audience. This indicates a clear need for TikTok to better educate small businesses about its creative tools, ease of use, and broad audience reach. More Resources & Context View and Download the Full Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 Research Report About This Digital Marketing Trends 2022 Report & Surveys Hello Alice conducted three surveys ​​to better understand how Hello Alice SMBs use digital platforms to market their businesses. The first survey compared five platforms: FacebookInstagramTikTokYouTubeSnapchat We covered three broad categories: Platform UseImpact and ValueBusiness Objectives Data was collected about personal and business demographics as well. The second and third surveys focused more specifically on these three broad categories as related to users’ experiences with TikTok. About Hello Alice Hello Alice is a free, multichannel platform that helps businesses launch and grow. With a community of more than 750,000 business owners in all 50 states, Hello Alice is building the largest network of owners in the country. Further, Hello Alice tracks data and trends to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs. Our partners include enterprise business services, government agencies, and institutions looking to serve small and medium business owners to ensure increased revenues and promote scale. A Latina- owned company founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, we believe in business for all by providing access to all owners, including: women, people of color, military-connected individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, and every American with an entrepreneurial spirit. For more small business tips and inspiration create a free account on Hello Alice or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
Jun 16, 2022 • 4 min read
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Small Business Funding

Announcing the BGE Energizing Small Business Grants Recipients

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the BGE Energizing Small Business Grants! What is the BGE Energizing Small Business Grants Program? BGE has pledged $15 million to assist Maryland’s small businesses with COVID-19 relief and recovery. With support and guidance from Hello Alice and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, BGE created the Energizing Small Business Grants program which provides recipients $20,000 grants. Hundreds of recipients have already been announced as part of the 2021 funding rounds! The BGE Energizing Small Business Grants Recipients To qualify for the first round of 2022 funding, Maryland-based, for-profit businesses had to be founded in or prior to 2020, be in good standing with the State of Maryland, have fewer than 25 employees, have a gross annual revenue of less than $7M for 2021, and be able to demonstrate a need for funding that supports their business and serves their customers. Congratulations to all BGE Energizing Small Business Grants recipients! Round 1 Grant Recipients, 2022 Round 3 Grant Recipients, 2021 Round 2 Grant Recipients, 2021 Round 1 Grant Recipients, 2021 For more small business funding opportunities and inspiration create a free account on Hello Alice or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
Jun 15, 2022 • < 1 min read
Tembi Gray, founder of GMG Performing Arts Center, smiles for her portrait.
Company Announcements

Now Announcing: The Local Business Support Fund Grant Recipients

We’re proud to announce the first round of recipients of the Local Business Support Fund grant program! What is the Local Business Support Fund? Hello Alice and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, in partnership with LISC,  are awarding $5,000 grants to five small businesses that provide solutions in their local communities. Along with generating less than $1M in annual revenue, these small businesses share a steadfast commitment to their customers and community, and a clear plan to use their grant funds! ”The funds from this grant will help launch our grassroots marketing campaign as we not only raise awareness of The Young Musician's University but also the importance and many benefits of music education," says recipient Tembi Gray of the GMG Performing Arts Center. The recipients listed below will receive a $5,000 grant. Congratulations to all these inspiring entrepreneurs! Local Business Support Fund Grant Recipients Tembi Gray GMG Performing Arts Center | Columbia, SC Kenneth Woods Refresherpoint | Clarksville, IN LaTeasha Gaither-Davis Therapeutic Focus | West Memphis, AR Virginia George Crafts & Drafts NC | Durham, NC Suzanne Daniels Brentwood Social House | Austin, TX Do you need funding for your small business? Visit the Hello Alice Funding Center to view our current grant programs and subscribe to the Hello Alice newsletter to stay up-to-date on future programs and funding opportunities. 
Jun 14, 2022 • < 1 min read
Gabriella Johnson, founder of Soul Work Healthcare, smiles for a portait.
Small Business Funding

Meet the Sonoma County Alliance Small Business Opportunity Fund Recipients

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the Sonoma County Alliance Small Business Opportunity Fund! What is the Sonoma County Alliance Small Business Opportunity Fund? The Sonoma County Alliance is a coalition of business, agriculture, labor, and individuals organized to encourage a healthy economy, maintain a sound environment, protect private property rights, and promote a responsive political process.  Understanding that raising capital or finding loans is one of the greatest challenges facing small business owners today, this multi-year small business grant program supports the rejuvenation and growth of the Sonoma County community, prioritizing business owners who traditionally lack access to capital. Grants between $1,000 and $5,000 will be awarded to local businesses looking to make a capital investment in their future. Sonoma County Alliance Small Business Opportunity Fund Recipients To qualify, for-profit businesses located in Sonoma County had to be in operation for at least a year and have fewer than 25 employees.  The recipients all have big plans and big dreams and know exactly how to use these funds to help their businesses grow. Congratulations to all recipients listed below. They'll each receive a grant between $1,000 and $5,000! Round 1 Recipients Ariel Coddington Bodega Country Store | Bodega, CA Ashlyn Elizabeth McLean Encore Dance Studio | Cloverdale, CA Gabriella Johnson Soul Work Healthcare | Santa Rosa, CA Joe Meisch Temple Massager | Cazadero, CA Roberta Ryan Ryan Design | Graton, CA Visit the Hello Alice Funding Center to view our current grant programs and subscribe to the Hello Alice newsletter to stay up-to-date on future programs and funding opportunities. 
Jun 10, 2022 • < 1 min read
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Small Business Funding

Antares REACH Grant Program to Award $20,000 Grants to Eligible Small Businesses

Big news for small businesses: Antares, Hello Alice and the Global Entrepreneurship Network have teamed up to provide funding for small business gearing up to grow. All you need to do is apply. What is the Antares REEACH Grant Program? The Antares REACH Grant Program will provide $20,000 grants to small businesses, with an emphasis on businesses preparing for their next stage of growth; operated by historically underrepresented entrepreneurs; and providing important community services.  Eligibility To be eligible, a business must: Be a for-profit business that is majority (51%) owned and/or operated by individuals who identify as New Majority (Womxn, People of Color, Military-affiliated, Persons with Disabilities, or LGBTQ+)Have less than $5 million USD in annual revenueHave a demonstrated need for supportHave a strong plan for moving forward.  For a full list of eligibility criteria, please see the terms and conditions. The Antares REACH Grant Program represents the intersection of connected charitable giving; community engagement; and deep commitment to diversity and inclusion.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=29&v=xRXzEGPCfjQ&feature=emb_logo How to Apply Visit the funding center to learn more about the program and apply for the grant today!
Jun 9, 2022 • < 1 min read
Small Business Funding

The Beyond Yoga For Women, BY Women Grant Recipients

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the Beyond Yoga For Women, BY Women grant and virtual coaching program.  What is the Beyond Yoga For Women, BY Women Grant and Virtual Coaching Program? This initiative provides 10 woman-owned companies with virtual coaching from Beyond Yoga executives and one grand prize of $10,000 plus mentorship from Michelle Wahler, co-founder of Beyond Yoga. Meet the Grand Prize Grant Recipient The recipient of the grand prize is Tonia Simone Holloway, registered nurse, herbalist, educator, and founder of The Beloved Bodies in Fayetteville, Georgia! Founded in 2018, her mission-driven, holistic healthcare business serves as a wellness hub and family resource to help marginalized communities, especially women, develop a healthy lifestyle and enrich their wellbeing. It also strives to partner with local clinics, schools, shelters, and organizations to provide health education, resources, and outreach to empower nearby underserved communities and increase their access to wellness services. How Tonia Will Use the Grant Tonia Simone plans to use the $10,000 to pour back into The Beloved Bodies’ community outreach initiatives and develop a private health portal. “I am thrilled to be the recipient of this grant and growth opportunity for my company!” she says. “With all that is going on in the world today, it’s even more imperative to take a real look at what thriving health and happiness means to you, and to start cultivating that experience in the real world, with self-sufficiency and sustainability in mind.” Other Recipients Along with Tonia Simone, nine more impressive recipients — all women entrepreneurs who are also in the first five years of their business and ready to make their mark on their communities — will now have the opportunity to work with leaders from Beyond Yoga to help them get to their next big milestone. Congratulations to these female founders! Check out the virtual coaching program awardees below, and visit the Small Business Funding Center to find more grant opportunities and lending options! Virtual Coaching Program Awardees Michelle El Khoury YOGAMAZIA | Richboro, PA  Cherlyn Hayes Beauty Beyond the Crown | McLean, VA Chaliyah Penick Penick Integrative Acupuncture | Pine Hill, NJ  Hallan Hanson Latchpad | Brooklyn, NY  Donnella Andraos I AM Movement | Irvine, CA   Sukie Jefferson Sukie's Candle Co. | Renton, WA   Alexis Russell Inspiring Experiences | Rochester, NY Bhavya Rai INELEGANCIES | Cary, NC   Desiree Gaitan-Buchanan POPLINEN | Burbank, CA For more small business grant opportunities create a free account on Hello Alice or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
Jun 6, 2022 • 2 min read
Small Business Funding

Announcing the KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program for Female Founders Grant Recipients

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program for Female Founders grant program, presented in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Hello Alice! What is the KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program? Launched in the early days of the pandemic, the program was created as a key pillar of KKR's COVID-19 Relief Effort with the goal of supporting small business owners around the world. Hundreds of owners have since been named recipients in Rounds 1–6 of the program! 2022 Female Founders Grant Recipients Now in Round 7, the program is investing in woman-identifying entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on New Majority owners who've pivoted their business in response to the pandemic and provide important community services.  These recipients share a commitment to serving their communities and furthering their missions, along with the tenacity it takes to navigate the path of entrepreneurship during challenging times. All recipients receive a $10,000 grant to help their small businesses recover and grow.  Do you need funding for your small business? Visit the Hello Alice Funding Center to view our current grant programs and subscribe to the Hello Alice newsletter to stay up-to-date on future programs and funding opportunities.  Congratulations to these KKR Small Business Builders Grant Program for Female Founders grant recipients:
Jun 1, 2022 • < 1 min read
Small Business Tips and Tools

51 Helpful Small Business Discounts for Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is no easy task, as any business owner will tell you. But different products or services exist to make the large undertaking a bit easier. But how do you justify the amount of money some of these products cost? After all, small business owners want to cut costs, not incur them, where they can. Luckily, the Hello Alice Business Solution Center is here to help! When you join as a free member on Hello Alice, you'll gain access to exclusive discounts, deals, and events available in our Business Solution Center. Here are just some of the incredible offerings you'll find there: Accounting Small Business Discounts Bench, bookkeeping and tax for small business owners. Get 30% off your first 3 months of bookkeeping. Collective, an online concierge financial platform designed for the self-employed. Get 1 month free. Complyant, a digital tax assistant tool. Two months of premium-tier free for 1 business. Quickbooks. Free 30-day trial and up to 50% off online accounting software. Ned, easy revenue sharing. Get 25% off when you raise money from friends and family. TurboTax, tax services. Save up to $15 on TurboTax products. Banking Small Business Discounts NorthOne, a simple and fast Business Deposit Account. Join via Hello Alice to get no fees on your first 3 months of banking. Novo. Free business checking account, no monthly fees, and over $5,000 in perks. Co-Working Spaces Small Business Discounts Loom, asynchronous video messaging. Get 20% off your first 12 months of recording and sharing video messages. GoTo Meeting, online meeting and video conferencing software. Try free for 14 days and get up to 16% off. Smart Furniture. Get 10% off modern chairs, tables, desks, and contemporary designs for homes and offices. Office Designs. Take 10% off modern office furniture. Ecommerce Small Business Discounts Bulk Office Supply. Get an additional 5% off already discounted office supplies. Discount Electronics. Save up to $1,000 on used Dell laptops & computers (includes 1-year warranty). DoorDash. Get 0% commission for your first 30 days. Office Depot OfficeMax. Get free in-store and curbside pickup NOW IN 20 MINUTES or get $20 off your next qualifying purchase. Sellzone by Semrush. Amazon SEO & PPC made easy. Get 1 month for $1. Uber Eats for Restaurants. Restaurant owners and managers: enjoy 0% commission for the first 30 days on all orders. Yelp for Restaurants. Automatically receive a $100 visa gift card when you complete a demo and receive 3 months free if you purchase an annual subscription. Zoro, industrial supplies, HVAC equipment, MRO products, and much more. Get free shipping on orders over $50. Electronics Small Business Discounts Audeze, a high-performance compact wireless conference speaker. Save 10% on Bluetooth conference speakers with proprietary noise-cancellation. Carbonite, hard drive backup services. Get 10% off hard drive backup.  GearIT, cable solutions. Get 15% off premium cable solutions and consumer electronics accessories. GoTo Connect, cloud phone system. Get a 14-day free trial. Grasshopper, virtual phone system. Try a 7-day, no-commitment free trial. Iolo, PC tune-up software. Get 70% off System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, System Mechanic Pro, or System Mechanic. Lorex, security. Get 10% off security cameras and systems. TechForLess, refurbished, open box or new computers, laptops, tablets, electronics, and more. Save 10-50%. Verizon Business, fiber-optic network and digital voice.  HR and Payroll Small Business Discounts ADP, online payroll and HR solutions. Three months free payroll when you sign up. Fiverr, a freelance services catalog. Get 10% off your first purchase. Marketer Hire, freelance marketer catalog. Get $500 off your next freelance marketer project. Oyster HR, onboarding, benefits, payroll, HR, and compliance services. Get your first hire free during the first 12 months. Roll by ADP, payroll services. Get the first four months free. ZipRecruiter, job board. Post a job for free via Hello Alice’s link. Insurance Small Business Discounts Breeze, personal disability insurance plans for small business owners and their employees. Ladder lets you save money on life insurance premiums with flexible coverage. Join through Hello Alice for instant approval. Hiscox, business insurance. Get a free quote. Marketing and Branding Small Business Discounts Adobe, photo editing software. Try Adobe Stock free for one month and access millions of high-quality creative assets. Canva, online graphic design tool. Get 20% off one year of Canva Pro. Constant Contact, email marketing solution. Buy today and save 40% off three months. GoDaddy, website hosting, domain, and support services. Get up to 30% off your first year. Google Workspace, collaboration and productivity apps. Try free for 14 days. HostGator, website hosting, domain, and support services. Get up to 65% off new website hosting plus a free domain. HubSpot, full platform of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. Free 14-day trial at the provided link. Microsoft Advertising, pay-per-click advertising management. Get $100 in search advertising when you spend $25 in Microsoft Advertising via the link. Squarespace, all-in-one website or store solution. Save 10% off your first subscription of a website or domain. Sprout Social, all-in-one social media management software. Try free for 30 days. VistaPrint, marketing materials print company. Receive 20% off printed marketing materials, business signs, and promotional products plus free shipping over $75 for new customers. Sales Small Business Discounts Shippo, professional shipping solution. Get your first three months of multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce free. Stamps.com, postage and shipping solution. Use the link to receive $45 in postage coupons and a free digital scale ($50 value). How to Access These Savings Sign up for a free membership with Hello Alice to access these small business discounts and more! Hello Alice’s Business Solutions Center curates tools, exclusive offers, and premium content to help you save time and money while growing your business. Check back regularly for the latest offers. For more small business tips and inspiration create a free account on Hello Alice or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.
May 19, 2022 • 4 min read