Remember: You Deserve a Small Business Grant

Enough with the imposter syndrome! It’s time to achieve your business goals.

Oct 12, 2021 · 2 min read

At Hello Alice, we hear lots of reasons why people don’t apply for small business grants. 

To name a few:

That last sentiment — that some people don’t “deserve” an opportunity — is one of the hardest to combat.

In truth, we all have moments of what’s called imposter syndrome. There are days when even the most accomplished entrepreneurs get caught up in self-doubt. Looking at a grant application, it’s easy to find reasons why someone else needs the funding more.

But that’s often not the case. If you have a goal and a plan for how the grant funding can help you get there, you deserve the check as much as anyone else.

Hello Alices Director of Grants Administration Jenee Fortier puts it another way: “Everyone is deserving of financial support to make their dreams come true.”

After all, that’s part of what grant applications are asking: What are your dreams, and how would this check help you achieve them?

Think about it. You’ve already taken the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. You’re already seeking out funding opportunities to grow your idea. As Jenee said in a recent grant workshop, “Writing a grant application can be absolutely overwhelming, but so is starting a business.”

So enough with the pep talk! We can’t wait to read your grant application.

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