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Announcing the Third Round of American Dream Awards Recipients!

March 25, 2024
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We’re proud to announce the latest round of recipients of the American Dream Awards, a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication! These remarkable small businesses have risen above the ordinary, embodying the core values of innovation, community impact, and sustainable practices.

Each recipient of the American Dream Award will be honored with a $1,000 grant—an injection of support that goes beyond its monetary value. This grant is a testament to our belief in their potential to continue making a difference. But that’s just the beginning.

In addition to the grant, these exceptional businesses will gain exclusive access to a small business accelerator program. This initiative offers invaluable resources, including mentorship from industry experts, tailored guidance on scaling operations, and strategic networking opportunities. Recipients will also enjoy extensive media coverage, shining a spotlight on their inspiring stories and achievements. This exposure isn’t just about recognition; it’s a platform to showcase their innovations, their impact on communities, and their commitment to sustainability.

These awards aren’t merely tokens of acknowledgment; they’re catalysts for transformation. They are designed to fuel growth, encourage innovation, and strengthen the bonds between these businesses and the communities they serve. It’s about fostering a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the individual enterprises.

Do you know a small business that embodies the American Dream? Or are you the driving force behind such a small business? Don’t miss this chance to apply for an award or nominate another deserving small business! Applications are open until April 30, 2024. Seize this opportunity to be part of a movement that celebrates and empowers the entrepreneurial spirit.

Round 3 Recipients

Innovator Award: BlackRicanvegan and Sundaze Heated Shorts

Community Hero Award: The Unbeatables Academy and Rose Cat Coffee Company

Sustainability Star Award: Compostable and The Green Show

Resilience Rockstar Award: The Alloy Studio and WindanSea Coffee

Inclusive Excellence Award: Industry Gymnastics and Scary Strokes

Legacy Builder Award: The Flora Culture and Serenity Book Shop

Big Dreamer Award: Exact Buyer and Bee Wild Outside

Innovator Award: Athletes Launch

Community Hero Award: Leo Law Co., LPA

Sustainability Star Award: Dtocs

Resilience Rockstar Award: Kensington Food Company

Inclusive Excellence Award: Econo-Tech Recyclers

Legacy Builder Award: Simply Khmer

Big Dreamer Award: THEO’s Plant-Based

Round 1 Recipients

Innovator Award: Prismm

Community Hero Award: The Red Dog House

Sustainability Star Award: Bunny Hopkins

Resilience Rockstar Award: Green Wolf Foods

Inclusive Excellence Award: Botanical Bar

Legacy Builder Award: Chocobar Cortes NYC

Big Dreamer Award: Design Build Architects

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