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Leaping Into 2022: The Year of Small Business

January 4, 2022
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Oh, how time flies! It’s hard to believe we’ve jumped into year five of our wonderland adventure. Founded in 2017, Hello Alice’s multichannel platform now supports over 550,000 diverse business owners. To be sure, Hello Alice is humbled and thrilled to be the largest go-to platform for small business owners seeking to launch, fund, and grow their companies.

So, as Hello Alice says Hello 2022… We’re excited to tell you about a new initiative we’ve been working on: The Year of Small Business. This collaborative effort is powered by communities, corporations, and owners like yourself. With it, we hope to drive growth and invigorate our economy through the power of small business. 

2022 Year of Small Business Objectives

Of course, Hello Alice continues to provide entrepreneurs everywhere with the connections, capital, and confidence needed to hit the ground running. Specifically, The Year of Small Business initiative will help business owners prepare for their best year yet as we work hand-in-hand to: 

Ensure Equitable Access to Capital for All

Firstly, access to capital is the number one barrier to growth. Furthermore, the numbers show this hurdle is significantly higher for businesses owned by women, people of color, and many other underrepresented communities. To address these challenges, Hello Alice is rolling out a wide range of grant programs. Similarly, we’re working to open up access to lending, credit, and the full continuum of capital to help small business owners everywhere.

Focus on Growing Small Business Revenue

Secondly, Hello Alice is here to provide the tools, resources, and support needed to help small businesses launch, grow, and thrive. With this purpose in mind, we’re meeting behind the scenes with small business organizations, enterprise partners, government officials, media, individuals, and more to effect real, systemic change for the greater good of our economy, nation, and world. 

Create More Jobs with Fair, Livable Wages

Finally, we know that healthy businesses build stronger communities. Hello Alice empowers small businesses and the diverse communities in which they serve by advocating for the creation of more jobs that offer fair, livable wages. Our powerful platform provides small business owners the tools, networks, and knowledge needed to broaden their businesses. This in turn expands job opportunities, inspires innovation, and fuels economic growth.

2022 Year of Small Business Resources

“In 2022, Hello Alice is leading a nationwide movement  bringing awareness to every American.”

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges, and we know that growth definitely has its road bumps. It takes tremendous grit, determination, and collaboration — but we’re all on this exciting journey together. The Year of Small Business will help you ‘get growing’ in 2022 and fuel your business with:

  • An exciting lineup of 2022 small business grant opportunities to help you make your next big move. Be sure to check your email and visit our site regularly to learn more.
  • New virtual events with world-class experts, leading entrepreneurs, and top business advocates who will help you on your path to business success.
  • Personalized learning tools — we’re calling them Milestones — to move your business forward. So that wherever you are on your path to entrepreneurship, you’ll have the right resources, information, and support to succeed. 

Through our vigorous Year of Small Business movement — in an effort to create a more equitable business ecosystem — we’re giving small and diverse business owners the knowledge, tools, and support needed to navigate a smooth path towards successful entrepreneurship. 

In that spirit, let’s kick-off the New Year in true Hello Alice fashion by making this year the Year of YOUR Small Business. Join us as we roll up our sleeves, reignite our engines, and take a giant leap forward, together. 

Our very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2022!

Team Hello Alice

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