Join Us to Learn How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

Our free, three-week sprint will teach you how to create, upload, and manage YouTube videos to reach and engage new customers.

Jul 27, 2021 · 2 min read

Every day, millions of people visit YouTube and watch over a billion hours of video. [1] For small business owners, the platform is an exciting place to build your brand by connecting your message with engaged viewers. 

Many entrepreneurs already use YouTube to reach and engage customers. According to an Ipsos study commissioned by Google in 2020, 72% of small businesses in the United States said that YouTube helps them boost their online presence, [2] and 65% felt that YouTube helps their business reach new customers. [3] And if you need another reason to explore YouTube, almost three-quarters of small businesses said that getting started on the platform was easy. [4]

To learn how to create and distribute compelling video content, we invite you to join our free, three-week Use YouTube to Grow Your Business sprint in partnership with Grow with Google. Running from August 9 – 27, each week brings a new step-by-step guide to get the most out of YouTube. You’ll also get access to live mentor sessions that provide tips and advice straight from the experts at Grow with Google.

Let’s go over what you’ll take away from each week of the sprint.

Week 1: Create Compelling Video Content

With the right tools and techniques, any small business owner can create compelling video content without the need to buy professional equipment or hire a production company. In the first week, we’ll review eight easy and creative video production techniques to create videos that help your products and services stand out.

Week 2: Create Your YouTube Channel

Next, you will learn how to set up a channel on YouTube and add your logo, business name, and customize the landing page to reflect what’s unique about your business. 

Week 3: Create and Add Videos to Your YouTube Channel

Finally, you’ll get step-by-step lessons on how to create and upload new videos to introduce your products and services to your customers and add crucial details to help people in your target market find your content.

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August 9 – 27, 2021

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