Small Business Boost Camp, The virtual accelerator for busy entrepreneurs

The virtual accelerator for busy entrepreneurs

Melody Lovvorn, Owner of Togetherness Project


Boost Camp is your chance to learn the framework that's helped Hello Alice and so many other small businesses grow. We'll provide the toolkit, strategies, community, and support you need to succeed. It takes hard work, though, so make sure you're ready to invest the time and energy required.


January 23-25, 2023
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET





Save your seat for three adventurous days:

  • workshops, group activities, and independent work
  • personalized, live feedback
  • special guest speakers
  • frameworks and templates you can use forever
  • support from Team Alice
  • peer mentorship and accountability groups
  • post-camp support and check-ins
  • surprises and giveaways
  • a community of dreamers just like you ready to interact, network, and grow

Featured Speakers

Learn from trailblazers who have been on the path and want you to win. Our keynote sessions are created for you to listen, learn invaluable lessons, gather tips and advice, and get your questions answered.
Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO, Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Founder and CEO, Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the Founder and CEO of Bumble, the parent company that operates Badoo, Fruitz, and Bumble, three of the world's fastest growing dating apps worldwide. In 2021, Whitney became the youngest woman to ever take a business public.

Sallie Krawcheck, Co-founder and CEO, Ellevest

Sallie Krawcheck

Co-founder and CEO, Ellevest

Known as the most powerful woman on Wall Street, Sallie co-founded Ellevest, a digital financial adviser for women, in 2016 after decades of leadership in the financial industry.

Noora Raj Brown, Executive Vice President of Brand, Goop

Noora Raj Brown

Executive Vice President of Brand, Goop

A daughter of immigrants who grew up in Silicon Valley, Noora helped grow Goop from its early newsletter days into a multinational lifestyle brand that pushes boundaries.

Allan Jones, Founder and CEO, Bambee

Allan Jones

Founder and CEO, Bambee

A Goldman Sachs 100 Entrepreneurs of 2021 and two-time founder, Allan is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems through product, like his HR manager Bambee.

Carolyn Rodz, Co-founder and CEO, Hello Alice

Carolyn Rodz

Co-founder and CEO, Hello Alice

A proud Latina entrepreneur, Carolyn co-founded Hello Alice in 2017. Today, the platform has helped over 1M small business owners fund and grow their businesses.


Each day we'll break out into workshops, special keynote sessions, independent work, and peer review with your community to ensure you get the most out of the framework, toolkit, strategies, and support provided for your success.
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Focus your priorities and get crystal clear on your vision to find the ideal customer. Then craft a message that truly inspires them. A sparkle icon

Workshop: Hone Your Vision to Win Customers


Carolyn leads the group on how to clarify your vision and identify the specific audience you're trying to target to ensure your message stands out from the crowd and ultimately converts into purchases.


Featured Speakers

Join Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble founder and CEO, for a priceless engaging conversation. You'll walk away with tips, tricks, inspiration, and motivation to guide your entrepreneurial journey.


Independent Work and Peer Review


Back to it! Review the hard work you did today to get your messaging ready to present to your audience. Share your work and questions with the Boost Camp community for constructive input, relationship-building, and networking.

Create a focused road map toward your goals that eliminates distractions. A sparkle icon

Workshop: Turn Your Big Vision into Action


Carolyn leads the group on how to break down your vision into clear action items and deadlines to achieve your goals. You'll identify three primary objectives, prioritize ways to push those objectives forward, and learn strategies to deal with those inevitable, distracting needs that pop up along the way. Plus, we'll assess and optimize your marketing calendar cadence to take action with a better understanding of the team and budget needed to execute your goals.


Featured Speakers

Join Allan Jones, Bambee founder and CEO, for a priceless engaging conversation. You'll walk away with tips, tricks, inspiration, and motivation to guide your entrepreneurial journey.


Independent Work and Peer Review


Work through your toolkit to ensure your calendar, plan, and budget drive your revenue goals. Get your growth plan ready to implement, then present it to your Boost Camp community to share best practices, identify potential pitfalls, and brainstorm new ideas to strengthen your plan.

Gain a clear understanding of your greatest risks and learn how to experiment to mitigate them. A sparkle icon

Workshop: Experiment and De-Risk Your Action Plan


You aced your messaging and action plan. Now, Carolyn leads the group through mapping out the greatest risks to achieving your revenue goals and prioritizing them based on impact. Learn how to design experiments to mitigate those risks and prove what you assume to be true. We'll close out the workshop with a commitment to act TODAY because nothing propels us forward like quick, consistent, and focused action.


Featured Speakers

Join our special guests — Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest co-founder and CEO, and Noora Raj Brown, executive vice president of brand at Goop — for priceless engaging conversations. You'll walk away with tips, tricks, inspiration, and motivation to guide your entrepreneurial journey.


Independent Work and Peer Review


It's time to craft your first experiment! Utilize your digital toolkit to define the parameters, set expectations, and measure your outcomes. Nudge yourself out of your comfort zone, and get comfortable with failure, because the goal of purposeful experimentation is to strengthen your product and service offering by challenging your own assumptions and iterating to success — your peers are here to support you!


Boost Camp Bash

You made it!

We're celebrating wins, building social media follow circles, and sharing our greatest lessons learned at our closing ceremony, the much-anticipated Boost Camp Bash! Join your peers for this can't-miss milestone, where fun surprises are in store!

What Boost Campers Say

"We were fueled, equipped with tools, and increased in confidence to continue upward to the top. WHAT A BOOST!" Najma Jmaludeen, Pink Walnut Bistro
"The Hello Alice Boost Camp offered much more value than we paid. The sessions helped us identify gaps in our processes and allowed us to see the places that we could strengthen with simple adjustments. It also helped to hear from business owners at different stages in their journey, who were having similar challenges." Kanika Mobley, Stories of a Colorful World

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