There’s Never Been a Better Time to Launch Your Business

Business creation is at a historic high. Join our free, three-week sprint to take the first steps in your entrepreneurial journey together.

Apr 5, 2021 · 3 min read

Given everything that’s happened over the last year, you may have missed the headline that the United States is experiencing a startup boom. That’s right: Even amid an ongoing pandemic and economic recession, the number of new businesses created in the third quarter of 2020 reached record highs.

There are a lot of factors contributing to this trend, but economists agree that these new businesses will create the majority of new jobs in America and will lay the foundation for post-pandemic prosperity.

Now is the time to take those doodles and notepad lists and translate them into action by taking the first steps of your entrepreneurial journey. The fun part? Hello Alice is here to make sure that you won’t have to do it all alone.

Running from April 12 – 30, our free, three-week Launch Your Business sprint will convene thousands of small business owners as they get started together. Each week brings a new step-by-step guide to walk you through a different topic essential to launching a small business. You’ll be able to ask questions on live webinars with experts ready to offer their wisdom and support, and you can also pick the brains of fellow entrepreneurs participating in the sprint.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:

Week 1: Choose the Right Business Structure

In the eyes of the law, your business doesn’t exist until you form a legal entity such as a nonprofit, LLC, B-corp, or S-corp. But choosing the right business structure is an important decision that can affect how you file your taxes, hire employees, court investors, and much more.

You’ll start your sprint by completing a step-by-step guide to help you weigh the pros and cons of different business structures. Expert Travis Crabtree of the online business filing company Swyft Filings will be on-call to answer any questions and explain every detail. With years of experience as a lawyer, Crabtree can straighten out any legal stumbling blocks preventing your business from getting off the ground.

Week 2: Write a Business Plan

Your business plan is the road map that will guide you through the early stages of launching your business. This document outlines elements like your mission statement, target market, product differentiators, and the team that will help you execute. If you intend to seek out investors or apply for a business loan, you’ll absolutely need an airtight business plan.

To help put your best foot forward, we’ll have you complete a second guide on how to assemble a business plan. This week’s expert mentors are DJ Healy and Verónica Gutiérrez from Centro Community Partners. With more than a decade of combined experience helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, this duo can help you craft a plan that will lay the foundation for success.

Week 3: Set Up Your Business Finances

Finally, it’s time to talk numbers. We’ll cap off the three-week sprint with a crash course in accounting. This starts with opening a business banking account and includes tips on best-practices, software recommendations, and how to plan for future growth.

You’ll complete the third and final guide with support from Andrew Jordan, certified public accountant and chief operating officer at FinancePal. Consider him you go-to expert on anything related to QuickBooks, taxes, and small business bookkeeping.

Who This Is For

Whether you’re exploring entrepreneurship for the first time or a seasoned small business owner pursuing the next great idea, this sprint is here to help you build a solid foundation for future growth.

Together, we will help you share in the post-COVID small business boom. Register for the sprint at the link below, and please share this opportunity with a friend or family member who is an aspiring entrepreneur!

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April 12 – 30, 2021