What We Stand For

We are united in our mission to guide ambitious yet underestimated people through the adventure of entrepreneurship. Every day, we equip people with the connections, capital, and confidence they need to launch their businesses, grow them, and thrive. We do it in a way that fosters a competitive, yet compassionate and flexible work environment. We love what we do and are accountable to the small business owners we serve. The New Majority of diverse small business owners are our passion!

Benefits & Perks

Work From Anywhere

Our team is fully remote, and we make sure you have all the technology and tools to succeed. Floating co-working spaces coming soon.

Competitive Salary & Profit Sharing

We invest in the best talent and reward you for your hard work.

Generous PTO Days

Work is important, but so is rest. We encourage all employees to take the time they need to live textured, fulfilling lives. We are a family-first culture.

Complete Benefits

We offer comprehensive health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, as well as generous 401k matching to all full-time employees.

Generous Parent Leave

We love Hello Alice babies! New parents are given the space and time they need.

Snack Allowance

We offer a monthly stipend to keep employees stocked with enough seltzer and snacks to get them across the finish line.

The Golden Rule

Our Hiring Commitment

We believe in humanizing the hiring process. That means keeping in touch and providing streamlined feedback and support to all of our applicants. In addition, our mission to serve the New Majority of small business owners extends to our hiring; we are authentically committed to diversity and inclusion in every facet of the business.

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