How Small Businesses Are Preparing for Election Day

Small Business Tips and ToolsOct 20, 2020 2 min read Ziggy is curious

How are you prepping your business this upcoming election? With Nov. 3 fast approaching, there are many ways you and your staff can advocate for your business and make sure your voice is heard this election.

In last week’s newsletter, we asked you, the business owners of the Hello Alice community, to share how you’re preparing your business for Election Day. Here are some of the stories you shared with us.

Provide Time Off For Your Employees

For one founder, Election Day is considered a holiday at their business, allowing employees to receive enough time to place their ballots:

“November 3rd is a holiday in our office this year. We wanted to encourage our employees to vote, and this way, they know they’ll have the time to take.”

— Shannon McLay, founder and CEO of The Financial Gym

Be There For Your Customers

Another owner advocates for their business by listening to the needs of their customers, ensuring other people’s voices are heard. And like the founder above, this owner plans to close their store on Election Day to vote:

“I advocate for my business by getting to know the different audiences, especially my specific audience and listening and learning from them. Oftentimes, we focus on telling our story but not listening. It’s important to focus on the audiences’ needs. For my business, Election Day is a day off. I believe it’s important to focus on that which is important.”

— Ari Morris, small business owner

Hold Informational Booths at Your Store

One pizza shop is getting ready for Election Day by helping people find key information on voting:

“Voting is so important to us in rural New Hampshire that we created a voter information booth that is stationed outside of our restaurant three days per week!”

— Kathleen Menegozzi, director of Jack’s Pizza

Are you and your business ready for Election Day? Check out the nonpartisan Vote for Small Business hub, created in partnership with the NAACP, for step-by-step guides to support you and your employees and ensure your #SmallBizVote rings loud this election.