Announcing the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund Grant Recipients

Small Business FundingAug 15, 2022 < 1 min read A jovial restaurateur sits inside her Bangladeshi eatery.

We’re proud to announce the recipients of the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund! Each of these 13 restaurants will receive a $10,000 grant for rent, utilities, maintenance, supplies, payroll, and other essential expenses.

DoorDash launched the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund as part of its ongoing five-year, $200 million Main Street Strong pledge to empower local communities. In partnership with Hello Alice, DoorDash has also developed step-by-step guides to help business owners both prepare for a disaster before it strikes and how to recover and rebuild their businesses in the aftermath.

“This grant means we can finally begin improvement projects and ultimately reopen dine-in for our loyal guests who have been long-awaiting our sit-down service,” says recipient Nur-E Rahman (pictured above) of Jersey City-based Bangladeshi eatery Korai Kitchen. “We are so grateful.”

Congrats to the recipients below, and save the date: Round 3 of the Restaurant Disaster Relief Fund is currently open and closes on September 23. Apply today!

Spring 2022 Recipients

Winter 2021 Recipients

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